Friday, July 15, 2016

Kiser Krafts Handmade Link Up Week 43

I don't know how many of you have an indie business, but I'm willing to bet that at least a few of you sell your handmade items. That's why I thought I would tell you about a lovely little handmade link up over at Kiser Krafts Handmade. It's a great chance to share your awesome products by linking up to four items from your shop (It has to be a shop on a selling platform, not Facebook or a blog.). It's also one of my favorite ways to network and discover new shops. Honestly, I spend a good amount of time each week just internet window shopping on Etsy and Storenvy. I love to see what other makers are passionate about, read about their shop stories, and add things to my ever growing list of items I think I'll simply die without. 

I picked 4 items from this week's link up that I really, really love. 

It's a pirate bear. What's not to love?

Handmade Cloth Bear from Moon Over My Monkeys

I love all things unicorn, and this necklace is super cute! I especially love how the hand stamped word "unicorn" is done in rainbow letters. 

Unicorn Necklace from Unique2ChicDesigns

 This is a great statement piece! It's vibrant, a little quirky, and very stylish.

Tassel Necklace from Pelhuaz

This blanket is gorgeous! The colors and stitching are absolutely perfect! I always drool over beautifully made crochet blankets because so much time and talent goes into them. 

Interlocking Stripes Baby Blanket from The Craft Penguin

So, join the link up and maybe I'll get to share something you've made next week! 

Monday, July 11, 2016

Donut Applique (without hole)

Hello out there in crochet land! I apologize for not posting this pattern yesterday as I had planned. My littlest guy has been sick, so I've been in Nurse Mom mode. It is a very time consuming job! 

Here is the second donut pattern for you guys. These are made to resemble your cream filled type of donuts. My favorite part is doing the icing embroidery on the top! It's so fun! Am I easily amused or what? I'm thinking I may need to take a trip to Dunkin' Donuts soon and do a little research...for the sake of writing more patterns. I swear. 

I've made my donuts into pins, hair clips, and headbands, but there are a ton of other things you can use them for as well. These guys come out measuring just slightly over 2 inches. 

Just a note- I used scrap yarn for the icing colors, but my donut color was Red Heart Super Saver in Buff.

As always, whatever you make from my patterns is yours to do with as you see fit. Sell pretty things, make gifts for friends, or go out and cover the world in crochet donuts! Just please don't sell or distribute my pattern as your own, and please don't use my pictures to represent your work. 

DONUT APPLIQUE (Without hole)

Hook- 2.75mm

Yarn- Worsted weight in two colors-
Icing color and donut color
(Optional- alternate icing color for embroidery)

R1- With icing color- Make a magic circle. 6 SC in magic circle. Join. (6 SC)

R2- Chain 1. 2 Sc in each. Join. (12 SC)

R3- Chain 1. 1 SC in same stitch as joining. 2 SC in next. *1 SC in next. 2 SC in next.* Repeat from *to* until end. Join.(18 SC)

R4- In front loops only- Chain 1. 1 SC in same stitch as joining. 1 SC in next. 2 SC in next. *1 SC in next 2. 2 SC in next.* Repeat from *to* until end. Join. (24 SC in FLO). Finish off.

R5- Switch to donut color. In back loops of R3- Chain 1. 1 DC in same stitch as joining. 1 DC in next. *1 DC in next 2. 2 DC in next. * Repeat from *to* until end. (24 DC in BLO). Join. Finish off leaving a long tail for sewing the icing to the donut portion. 

Use your third icing color to embroider a fun icing pattern, and enjoy your awesome crochet donut!

If you want to see my pattern for the donut applique with holes just click here.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Donut Applique

It might not be apparent to you all just yet (unless you've checked out my Etsy shop), but I LOVE to crochet food! It is my favorite thing to hook up! I especially love to turn crochet food into hair accessories and pins. I have made a lot of fun pieces that are food inspired, but donuts hadn't made it to my hook until recently. I am so happy that they did because this pattern was really fun to design! 

These donuts measure about 2 inches in diameter, which makes them super versatile. I made hair clips and a headband out of mine. You can sew them onto a hat, make a donut pin, and you could even make a bookmark or planner clips out of them. There is nothing these little donuts cannot do (except satisfy the donut cravings you'll get while making them)! They are also great stash busters as they require very little yarn to make them. So, break out all those little balls in your stash and put them to use!

I designed two types of donuts- with holes and without. Today I will share the donuts with holes, and I'll post the pattern for donuts without holes tomorrow. 

I used many different yarns for the icings, but for the light brown donut part of each donut I used Red Heart Super Saver in Buff. 

Donut Applique (With Hole)

Hook size- 2.75mm

Yarn- worsted weight

R1- With icing color- Chain 10. Join with a slip stitch to form a ring. 12 single crochet into ring. Join with a slip stitch to the first SC of round. (12 SC)

R2- Chain 1. 1 SC in same stitch as joining. 2 SC in next. *1 SC in next. 2 SC in next.* Repeat from *to* around. Join in the front loop of the first SC of round.(18 SC)

R3- (Front loop only) Chain 1. 4 SC in same stitch as joining. Skip next stitch. Slip stitch in next. 3 SC in next. Skip next stitch. Slip stitch in next. *4 SC in next. Skip next stitch. Slip Stitch in next. 3 SC in next. Skip next stitch. Slip stitch in next.* Repeat from *to * around. Finish off leaving a long tail to sew the icing down the donut portion after round 4.

R4- (Worked in back loops of round 2) Join buff to back loop of round 2. 1 DC in first 2. *2 DC in next. 1 DC in next 2.* Repeat from *to* around. Finish off. (24 DC)

Sew your icing down onto the donut portion (Unless you like the way it looks already.), weave in ends, and there you have it! Tune in tomorrow for the donut without holes pattern! 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Lacy Turban Heaband Pattern

How many of you out there are preparing for back to school? I know, I know. It is only July, but summer is flying by and before you know it it will be time for school shopping. So, if you have a shop you might want to start getting ready now. I know I am! I've been designing some new ear warmer and headband patterns and I can't wait to share them with you all!

This pattern is for a shell stitch turban headband. I made mine with cotton. If you are going to use acrylic I would suggest one that isn't too thick. I like to use Red Heart With Love often, but it was just a little too bulky to give this headband the delicate look I was going for. So, you may want to skip the RHWL for this one. 

This pattern is a one size fits most. It should fit most adults. The shell stitch I'm using is in multiples of 6 (plus 2), so you may adjust your sizing that way or just change your hook size. I have a head circumference of 23 inches (I know, I have a big ol' bean!) and this headband fits me perfectly with stretch. You can also add rows on to make it wider if you wish. It's a versatile pattern and easy to work with.

Also, note that the second round will be worked on the opposite side of the chain from the first round. It is the only round worked this way. 

As always, feel free to sell anything you make from my patterns, but you may not sell or distribute my patterns, or claim them as your own. Share the link to this post anywhere you want and as often as you want. I also ask that you use your own photos to represent your work. 


Hook- 6.0mm

Yarn- Worsted weight cotton or acrylic

Shell- (All in same stitch) 2 double crochet, chain 1, 2 double crochet

R1- Chain 68. Single crochet in second chain from hook. *Skip 2 stitches. Shell in next stitch. Skip 2 stitches. SC in next.* Repeat from *to*. (11 shells and 12SC)

R2- For this row you will work on the opposite side of your starting chain. Each stitch will be directly opposite of the stitch on the other side. Make 1 SC in the same stitch as the last SC of row 1. *Skip 2 stitches. Shell in the same stitch as shell on opposite side. Skip 2 stitches. SC in same stitch as SC on opposite side.* Repeat from *to*. 

*Note that what you have facing you will be referred to as the right side of the piece. It's important for R5 that you know what side is the right side. Also, you will no longer be working around, but you will be turning the piece.

R3- Turn. Chain 1. SC in first stitch. *Skip 2 stitches. Shell in ch 1 space of shell from previous row. Skip 2 stitches. 1 SC in next stitch (your SC from previous row.).* Repeat from *to*.

R4- Repeat row 3. Finish off.

Now you will going back to finish the other side of the headband. Make sure the right side is facing away from you. This is so the two sides of the headband will mirror each other.

R5- Join yarn in the last SC from row 1. Chain 1. SC in same stitch as joining. *Skip 2 stitches. Shell in chain 1 space of shell from row 1. Skip 2 stitches. SC in next stitch (SC from row 1).* Repeat from *to*.

R6- Turn. Chain 1. SC in first stitch. *Skip 2 stitches. Shell in ch 1 space of shell from previous row. Skip 2 stitches. SC in next stitch.* Repeat from *to*. Finish off leaving a long tail to sew the two ends together and wrap around to make the headband into a turban style headband.

And there you have it. A lacy turban style headband. I hope you love it! Feel free to share your work from my patterns on my Facebook page! I love seeing what you guys create from my patterns! Share here.