Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Rebel Skein is evolving

Wait. It's December already? This has kind of been my life since I opened my shop up 3 years ago. I get so busy between the shop, family obligations, my daily household routine, and whatever else might be going on that before I know it a month, 2 months, a whole year has gone by and I feel like I wasn't even there for it. This realization hits me every few's all going by too fast and I feel like I'm not getting where I want to go. 

It started weighing heavy on my mind and I have been wrestling with what to do for some time now. After a lot of careful consideration I have decided that it is time for Rebel Skein to evolve because I'm not happy with where I am at right now. I love being a maker and having an indie business, but there are highs and lows. I love being crafty and I love to crochet, but I lose that crojo (Crochet mojo) so often these days. So, I had to sit and think about where I wanted Rebel Skein to go...and that is when I decided that it is time to close the shop doors and focus on my blog and writing patterns. That makes me happy. I have so many patterns, designs, and ideas written down or even just in my head, but I feel like I never have the time to get them worked out completely and shared with the rest of you. 

This decision is bittersweet. On one hand, I love having a shop and the little bit of extra income certainly never hurts. On the other hand, I never have enough time or energy to truly grow my business into that unstoppable force I always imagined it could be. Unstoppable force? Slow down, Kat, these are beanies. Yeah, well...I like to dream big. I've always been that way. I like to plan, and create, and master my skills. So, that is what I am going to focus on- the dreamer, the planner, the creator. Will I change the world one hat at a time? No, probably not, but I can make the world cuter one hat at a time! Let's just start there. 

There may never be a crochet super hero. I may never get called to the White House to save the world through my hooking skills. I won't ever win an Olympic medal in beanie assembly. I won't fill up stadiums of people who have come to see my crochet super talent in person. I'll keep training and preparing for all that. In the meantime, you can find me here on my blog where I will be working on posting patterns for all you lovely hookers out there! 

And for all my customers out there thank you so much for 3 great years! You've fed my kids, warmed my home, and bought me the occasional bottle of wine! ;-) I'm so grateful for all that!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Chunky Newsboy Hat

I love bulky yarn! Do you love bulky yarn? It's so soft and warm, and works up quickly! I have so much bulky yarn in my stash, but never enough projects to use it what's a hooker to do? I started coming up with some patterns of my own! Today, I thought I would make some hats. Here is the first chunky hat I'm going to share with you! This pattern is so simple, but the results are so chic! Stay tuned this week for some more chunky hat patterns!

I used Loops & Threads Charisma for these projects. It is one of my favorite bulky yarns. This is a one skein project that takes less than an hour to make. The size fits approximately 22-24 inches and should fit most teen and adult women. 



Bulky yarn (A little bit less than 108 yards)
Size L 8.00MM hook
2 Buttons

Gauge- 11 HDC = 5 inches, 5 rows = 3 inches 

Stitches and terminology-

MC- magic circle
HDC- half double crochet
SC- single crochet
SS- slip stitch
HDC2tog- half double crochet 2 together, or half double crochet decrease

Notes- Chain 1 does not count as a stitch. You will slip stitch to the first stitch of the round to join.

R1- Make a magic circle. 9 HDC into MC. Slip stitch to join. Pull circle tight. (9 HDC)

R2- Chain 1, 2 HDC in each stitch around. SS to join. (18 HDC)

R3- Chain 1, 2 HDC in first stitch. 1 HDC in next. *2 HDC in next stitch. 1 HDC in next.* Repeat from * to * around. SS to join. (27 HDC)

R4- Chain 1, 2 HDC in first stitch. 1 HDC in next 2 stitches. * 2 HDC in next. 1 HDC in next 2 stitches.* Repeat from * to * around. SS to join. (36 HDC)

R5- Chain 1, 2 HDC in first stitch. 1 HDC in next 3 stitches. * 2 HDC in next. 1 HDC in next 3 stitches.* Repeat from * to * around. SS to join. (45 HDC)

R6- Chain 1. 1 HDC in each stitch around. SS to join. (45 HDC)

R7-12- Repeat R6

R13- Chain 1, 1 HDC in each stitch around. SS to join. Finish off. (45 HDC)


With the back of your hat facing you count 15 stitches to the right of your last stitch. Join your yarn here. When you start your row the back of your hat is still facing you, so that when you turn it for your second row of the brim the front of your hat is facing you.

R1- Slip stitch 14 stitches. Turn.

R2- Chain 1. 1 SC in next stitch, 2 SC in next stitch, 2 HDC in next 2 stitches, 1 HDC in next 6 stitches, 2 HDC in next 2 stitches, 2 SC in next, 1 SC in last stitch of brim. Turn.

R3- Slip stitch across brim (20 stitches). Turn.

R4- Chain 1. 1 SC in next 3 stitches. 1 HDC in next 14 stitches. 3 SC next 3 stitches. (Now, you'll start working your way around the hat.) Slip stitch in next. 1 SC across the back of the hat until you get to the very last stitch before the brim. Slip stitch in that last stitch, then slip stitch in the top SC stitch of the brim (The first SC you made in this round.). Slip stitch across brim until you get to the first slip stitch you made onto the hat base in this round. Finish off.


Foundation double crochet 22. OR chain 24, put one DC into third chain from hook and each chain across. Sew band onto hat. Sew a button on each end of the band. 

There you have it! I hope that you love your hat! I would love to see pictures of your work, so feel free to share them on my Facebook page!

As always, you are entitled to sell anything you make from my patterns. However, you many not use my photos as representations of your own work, and you may not copy, distribute, or sell this pattern as your own. Please feel free to share the link to this pattern wherever you like!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Crochet Hearts Hair Bow

Hello, Rebels! Let me just start by saying that there is such a wonderful and supportive group of crocheters out there in this world. You'd think we'd all be cutthroat and competitive, but I've found nothing but love in the hooker community. I made a post in one of my favorite Facebook crochet groups for testers for this simple little pattern and the feedback and responses truly floored me. You hookers are simply the best! 

Yesterday, I was trying to refine a pattern for a flower I made up several years ago. It wasn't working out for some reason, but the results inspired me to make this hair bow. Somehow my flower reminded me of hearts and I thought it would make a really neat hair bow. Hair accessories happen to be my most favorite accessories! 

I have had this bow tested by quite a few people and so far so good, but if you happen to have any questions please let me know. I would love to see your final results and what you use your bows on as well! I think they would work great on almost anything! Headbands, clippies, dresses, gloves...I could go on forever! I hope you all love this sweet little bow as much as I do! Happy hooking! 

Hook Size- I used 4MM or 5 MM. (Or whatever size you want.)

Yarn- Any worsted weight yarn. I used ILTY.

Notes- You’ll be working two loops. Any stitches not worked in or around the original loops will be worked into what I call the middle space. That is the part between the hearts. Don’t worry if that part isn’t quite perfect. You’ll be covering it with yarn later to make the middle of your bow. *If you do run into any trouble count backwards from your middle stitch in your heart. It should help you figure out where your slip stitches should be as well. 

R1- Chain 9. Slip stitch into the 8th chain from the hook, slip stitch into the 1 remaining chain. Chain 8. Slip stitch into 8th chain from hook. Slip stitch into the middle of the two loops (the remaning chain that you slip stitched into after your first loop.)

R2-Slip Stitch into the first loop that you made. Crochet these into the loop- **4 SC, 2 HDC, DC, HDC, SL ST, HDC, DC, 2 HDC, 4 SC, SL ST.** Slip stitch into the middle of the two loops again. Slip stitch into your second loop. Repeat from ** to **. Slip stitch into the slip stitch from the previous round in the middle space.

R3-**Slip stitch into the first slip stitch you made in the previous row. 1 SC into the next 4 stitches (Into the 4 SC from previous row.), 2 HDC into the next 2stitches (Your 2 HDC from the previous row.), 2 DC into next stitch (DC from previous row.), 1 HDC in next, slip stitch into the loop space (the hole in the middle).

HDC, 2 DC in next stitch, 2 HDC in next 2 stitches, 1 SC in next 4 stitches, SL ST into slip stitch from previous round.** Slip stitch into middle space. Repeat from ** to ** on the other heart. Slip stitch into the middle space.

4- **1 slip stitch next 2 stitches, 1 SC into next 6 stitches, 2 HDC into next 3 stitches, 1 SC in next stitch, 1 slip stitch on each side of slip stitch from previous row (See picture for where to place these.)

1SC, 2 HDC in next 3 stitches, 1 SC in next 6 stitches** Slip stitch in next 2 stitches. Repeat from ** to **. Finish off, but leave a long tail to wrap around the center.

Weave in the starting piece of yarn on the back of the bow like this.

Fold your bow in half length wise and wrap your long tail around the center.

And there you have it! I’m sewing some of my bows onto hair ties and the others I will attach to clippies. You can even sew them onto headbands, hats, gloves, dresses…you name it!

Copyright 2015 Katrina Payne, aka Rebel Skein. This pattern and the photos within are not to be copied, sold, or distributed in whole or in part by any other entities. You can sell whatever you make from this pattern, but you must use your own photos. Happy hooking!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Jack Skellington Applique

Hey, there friends! I know, I know. Where have I been? Right? I am terrible about this blog. I am always saying I need to post more on my neglected blog. I have so many patterns that I need and want to share with you guys! I have a big problem with getting distracted and I pretty much have no concept of time. My other problem (and a problem that a lot of hookers have) is that I write patterns down in these random notes all over the place and they are in what I like to call Katonese...a language only I seem to understand. I'm pretty sure any of you who "wing it" and try to write down what you do know exactly what I'm talking about.

Anyway, this one might not be some spectacular pattern, but I happen to love it. It's so simple and there are so many fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas out there so I need to share it. Please forgive my pictures. These pictures were taken long ago before I mastered the art of picture taking and editing (I'm still not THAT great at it, but I would like to think I have improved.).

If you have any questions please feel free to post them. If I don't get back to you in a timely manner please visit my Facebook page and message me there. I don't get blog comment notifications as easily as I do Facebook notifications sometimes. And while I'm mentioning my Facebook page...I have vowed to post more patterns on a REGULAR basis! So, please follow me on Facebook for regular updates on new, FREE patterns! Or to bug me about when I'm going to post a new pattern! As always, you did the work here. So, whatever you decide to do with what you make is up to you! Happy hooking!

Here is what I did with my Jack Skellington Applique.

Here is the pattern:

Jack Skellington Applique-

H hook

R1- Make a magic circle. 6 HDC in MC. Join with a sl st to first HDC. (6)

R2- Chain 1. 2 HDC in each st. Join. (12)

R3- Chain 1. 2 HDC in first st, 1 HDC in next st. *2 HDC in next st, 1 HDC in next st.* Repeat from * to *. Join. (18)

R4- Chain 1. 2 HDC in first st, 1 HDC in next 2 st. *2 HDC in next st, 1 HDC in next 2 stitches. Repeat from * to *. Join. (24)

Finish off.

Eyes- Switch to a G hook.

Make a magic circle. 5 HDC in MC.

Mouth- For the mouth I make the long smile part first. Then, I go through and make 8 stitches across the mouth to hold it down and make it have the Jack Skellington smile look. Make a nose with this same yarn and tie off. You don't really have to worry about what the back of this looks like because you'll be sewing it on something and the back will be hidden.

Sew onto whatever you like!

*Edit* For anyone wanting the glove pattern that I used just follow this link here. These are one of my favorite glove patterns to whip up some quick fingerless gloves and they are super easy to adjust size and length.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Rainbow Owl Fingerless Gloves

These rainbow owl fingerless gloves are pretty popular in my shop! I thought I would share this simple pattern. They are fun to make, and pretty quick. 

I would like to note why I use a row of single crochet as the starting row of each color change. I have found that it makes the gloves look a little more interesting, but also it keeps me from having to go back and weave in all of my ends from each color change. I crochet over the ends with the single crochet and they are perfectly hidden. You can crochet over the ends with other stitches, but sometimes the colors will still show through. With single crochet the ends never show through. I crochet over them for about 8 stitches, give the row a very gentle tug, and snip off the remaining ends.

I make these using a 5.5 mm hook. They are easy to change the size of by using a different hook size or adding/subtracting the number of chains you make, but I've found this size works well enough as a general one size fits most. They fit my 7-year-old son and myself.

I use red, orange, yellow, green, light/bright blue, navy blue, and purple. Also, note that the first stitch of each round will be in the same stitch as the joining stitch.

 Make two-

RD 1: Ch. 22 and join the chain. Careful not to twist it. Single crochet in each chain. (22 sc) Join to first single crochet with slip stitch and chain 2.

RD 2: Double crochet in each sc. (22 dc). Join with slip stitch and finish off.

Change to orange and ch 1

RD 3: SC in ea DC (22 sc). Join with slip stitch and chain 2.

RD 4: DC in ea SC (22 dc). Join with slip stitch and finish off.

Change to yellow and ch 1.

RD 5: SC in ea DC (22 sc). Join with slip stitch and chain 2.

RD 6: DC in first 9 SC. Chain 4 and skip the next 4 stitches. DC in the next stitch, and each stitch after. (There should be a total of 18 DC and a chain 4 space that add up to 22 stitches total.) Join with slip stitch and finish off. 

Change to green and ch 1.

RD 7: SC in first 9 DC. 4 SC in the chain 4 space. SC in next 9 DC. (22 sc) Join with a slip stitch and ch 2.

RD 8: DC in each SC. (22 dc) Join with slip stitch and finish off.

Change to light/bright blue.

RD 9: SC in ea DC (22 sc). Join with slip stitch and chain 2.

RD 10:  DC in ea SC (22 dc). Join with slip stitch and finish off.

Change to navy blue.

RD 11: SC in ea DC (22 sc). Join with slip stitch and chain 2.

RD 12:  DC in ea SC (22 dc). Join with slip stitch and finish off.

Change to purple.

RD 13: SC in ea DC (22 sc). Join with slip stitch and chain 2.

RD 14: DC in ea SC (22 dc). Join with slip stitch and finish off.

Weave in any ends. (Hopefully at this point you only have the red and the purple to weave in because you crocheted over the other ends.)

Eyes (make 4):

RD 1: With navy- MC. 6 SC in magic circle. Slip stitch to first sc and finish off.

RD 2: With white- 2 HDC in each SC. Slip stitch to first hdc and finish off.

Nose (make 2):

Chain 6. SC in second chain from hook. HDC in next ch. DC in next 2 chains. 

Sew on your eyes and nose. Then, cut strips of yarn about 3 inches for the ear tufts and attach to gloves. 

Happy hooking and I hope you love these gloves as much as I do!